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Windows vista news feed not updating

This article will give you the instructions to add site feeds to this gadget using internet explorer. Now you have to add feed gadget on the sidebar (again, if not present already).

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Microsoft will continue the 10-year support cycle, meaning that upgrading to Windows 10 will likely guarantee support until October 14, 2025.Moving to Windows 10 will guarantee you access to the latest applications and integrations, but it will also move your deployment from a CAPEX model to OPEX, as it is delivered as a service.Windows 10, while robust in personalization, has raised concerns among privacy advocates for its reliance on user data.In 2014, Munich made headlines when it ditched Microsoft for Linux.The city has since decided to move back to Windows by 2021, but the saga highlights the growing success of massive open source deployments, even in regulated industries like government.After opening a webpage, notice the feed icon given at the IE toolbar.

You can easily notice that color of feed icon changes from grey to orange.

Options like Ubuntu, Fedora, Linux Mint, React OS, and more give you plenty of options.

We talked about adding gadgets to the sidebar in Windows Vista and 7 sometime back.

You can get RSS feed headlines of a site on your windows sidebar through this gadget.

This gadget is connected with internet explorer which should be there on your PC unless you have manually uninstalled it.

After April 11th, 2017, Vista will receive no more updates.