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As a cybernetically augmented human, Cyborg has several built in weapons (mainly a sonic cannon), the general resilience you'd expect of someone who's only partly squishy flesh and covered in armor, and super strength, as well as a considerable IQ that he puts to use as a Gadgeteer Genius.Powers and Abilities: Super strength, armor, various built-in weapons and devices, great skill with machines A metahuman with insect-like wings capable of flight and the ability to shrink to a miniature size, Bumblebee also uses a pair of hand-held electric dart-guns as "stingers." Initially met Cyborg as part of Brother Blood's HIVE Academy, she joins him in taking it down, claiming that, despite appearances, she wasn't totally brainwashed by him and had, in fact, been planning on taking the crime-school down from the inside. Powers and Abilities: Flight, shrinking/growth (though apparently no bigger than her normal human size), electricity-producing "stingers"A denizen of Atlantis, Aqualad's relation (if any) to Aquaman is never mentioned in the series.

He initially operates as a solo hero, but later becomes a member of Titans East.Powers and Abilities: Water breathing, telepathy with sea animals, aquakinesis, superhumanly skilled swimmer Similarly to Robin, Speedy is a former "costumed hero" sidekick who has since decided to make it on his own, only to become involved with a Teen Titans team.Powers and Abilities: Badass Normal specialized as an Archer with normal and "trick" arrows Young Guatemalan twins who speak only Spanish, these meta-humans have the ability of super-speed, but only while physically touching each other.The creators are ambivalent about which incarnation of Robin he's supposed to be, with Word of God stating that he represents "Robin in general" rather than a specific member of the Batclan.However, a number of Mythology Gags and several other hints point to him being Dick Grayson, the first Robin; this is explicitly revealed in the Technically the reason the Teen Titans exist in this show, Starfire is the second of the three children of the Royal Family of Tamaran.Robin is, at heart, a fairly normal teenager, enjoying hanging out and chilling as much as his comrades do.

However, he's Batman's ex-sidekick, and this means he shares his mentor's fixation on discipline and hard work, which can put him at odds with his more relaxed teammates.

Whether he is or isn't, he is the youngest, in terms of behavior, of the team, obsessed with video games and goofing off, which means he's often chewed out by Robin.

A devout vegetarian: as he has just about every animal under the sun, he finds eating any kind of meat to be too similar to cannibalism for his liking.

(Though it might be more accurate to a call him a vegan- he eats tofu eggs rather than regular ones in "Nevermore"- but the show always refers to him as a vegetarian.)Powers and Abilities: can change into any animal, living, extinct, or alien, so long as he knows what it looks like, plus extra-powerful Beast form from "Beast Within" onward (his use of animal forms is less a limitation and more a personal style).

The half-human daughter of Arella Roth, a human woman who managed to find her way to the other dimension of Azarath/a native of Azarath (the show isn't clear) and Trigon the Terrible, a dread and powerful demon lord who intended to use Raven to open a portal that would allow him to enslave Earth.

She also has the power to astral project, dispatching her soul from her body to teleport herself or others, and to heal, though it's left unclear if these are Psychic Powers innate to her or mystical powers she has learned from her studies.