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What is radioactive dating and what isotopes are used

By the late 1700s, chemists were reasonably sure that both potash and soda ash contained elements they had never seen.

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However, compounds of potassium have many important applications, the most important of which is as a fertilizer.In electrolysis, an electric current is passed through a molten (melted) compound.The electrical current breaks the compound into its elements.Relevant topics for Applied Radiation and Isotopes include the following, however, authors are encouraged to suggest other topics which might also be published in the journal: The journal aims to publish papers with significance to an international audience, containing substantial novelty and scientific impact.The Editors reserve the rights to reject, with or without external review, papers that do not meet these criteria.The main difference between them was the source from which they came.

It was not until the eighteenth century that chemists understood the difference between potash (vegetable alkali) and soda ash (mineral alkali).

Common household lye (such as Drano) is a typical alkali.

The chemical name for potash is potassium carbonate (K ).

Then Davy thought of another way to separate potash and soda ash into their elements. Instead, he melted a sample of potash and a sample of soda ash.

Then he passed an electric current through the molten (melted) substances.

Early humans were familiar with potash, a potassium compound that forms when wood burns. That name comes from the origin of the material ("vegetable" plants that contain wood) and the most important property of the material, alkali.