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"Sometimes it's just going to be aggressively dumb and silly, and sometimes it'll be super funny ... "I live in a bit of a bubble," she says in introducing the segment, which runs just more than eight minutes and which serves as a perfect explainer for the stated purpose of her show.and sometimes it'll be totally earnest," Silverman says in introducing the first episode. Following her debut monologue -- in which she introduces, and then features jarring close-ups of, two buck-naked people in her audience -- she throws to a pre-taped bit in which she travels to Chalmette to visit with the Standers family. "I'm on the left coast, I work in the entertainment industry, I generally try not to leave my apartment ever.

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They are gun owners, they are Christian, they are Trump voters, and they once owned a pet nutria.If you’re having a rough day, fire up this gem and watch a small posse of adorable sea otters at the Vancouver Aquarium swim around on their backs and hold hands with each other.As if that weren't enough, they have cams for penguins, belugas, and jelly fish too.Some of them have never previoulsy met a Jew -- or at least, they don't think they have.Safe to say, Silverman doesn't fit any of those descriptions. But we did learn that we don't have to be divided to disagree. We can even love each other." And that's what sets "I Love You, America" apart from other talk shows.Some people say the Loch Ness Monster is nothing but a naturally occurring wind-swept ripple in the water, others claim they’ve seen some diplodocus-esque beast breach the surface several times.

Now you can keep a watchful eye on the storied waters all day and night if you want thanks to this cam, which is perched atop a lakeside pasture.

But it's a talk-show as filtered through Silverman's singular comedic lens.

That means you can expect shockingly sophomoric humor and R-rated crassness, but blended with a subtle braininess and thoughtfulness.

Have you ever wondered how drone pilots feel when they’re dropping bombs from a cubicle thousands of miles away? But we don’t have time to unpack the psychological consequences of that right now, so instead why don’t you just hit up this random live cam, in which you control a stream of bubbles floating through a couple’s backyard in Florida.

Dillie the deer was rescued by a vet when she was only three days old after she was abandoned by her mother.

So, in the hopes of forging an understanding with them, Silverman leaves her liberal bubble and shows up to break bread with them. It's all built around Silverman's love-it-or-hate-it brand of humor (starting with a too-long and pretty annoying opening song), but it's also admirably ambitious.