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Updating kubuntu

updating kubuntu-68

non-security updates require a restart to finish installing, and the “When there are other updates” interval has passed since Software Updater was last open (either automatically or manually) (part of bug 1033226).) updates has been implemented in Ubuntu Software Center, those particular updates should no longer cause the alert listing updates to appear.

updating kubuntu-76updating kubuntu-67

With the move to Plasma 5, updating the Kubuntu website seemed timely.If there is a Livepatch setup error that does not occur as part of initial sign-in (such that the Software & Updates settings might not be open), it should be shown in a standalone error alert, with a “Settings…” button to open and focus the settings.If “Automatically check for updates” is checked, Ubuntu should become due to check for updates at the specified interval after updates were last checked.It should have secondary text if, since the last restart, Livepatch attempted to apply any updates.For example: Software Updater should launch automatically, in the background but not minimized, when the computer has been connected to the Internet for at least one minute (bug 385433), you are logged in as an administrator, no other package management utility (d.Plasma Mobile was announced today at KDE’s Akademy conference. Packages for the release of KDE’s document suite Calligra 2.9 are available for Kubuntu 14.10. The 14.10 packages include updates to Qt 5.4 which…

The second Alpha of Vivid (to become 15.04) has now been released!

The Alpha-2 images can be downloaded at: More information on Kubuntu Alpha-2 can be found here: Vervet/Alpha2/Kubuntu “How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

” – Guybrush Threepwood, Monkey Island The first Alpha of Vivid (to become 15.04) has now been released!

There should be no progress or other confirmation feedback for turning Livepatch on or off, even though the state of the system may lag behind the state of the UI, because there is no benefit from waiting for it to finish.

For example, if you uncheck, recheck, and uncheck the checkbox quickly, Livepatch should turn off once, with no progress feedback, and nothing further should happen.

We want to show off the beauty of Plasma 5, as well as allow easy access for Kubuntu users to the latest news, downloads,… The Second Alpha of Wily (to become 15.10) has now been released! Packages for the release of Plasma 5.2 are available for Kubuntu Plasma5 14.10 and our development release.