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Updating assemblyinfo

updating assemblyinfo-14

I am happy to say this method does work reliably in Windows Vista. Absolute Uri works consistently, an empty browser window is launched when the Uri is being queried.

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My personal opinion is to let Visual Studio generate its own projects (example: csproj files) and create your home-made scripts in a file with the same name as the project.Start Menu\Programs\Ben Griswold Start Menu\Programs\Startup Issue 1 – There doesn’t appear to be a reliable way to determine where the Click Once installer placed the Start Menu Program .appref-ms shortcut.As stated above, the shortcut location is based on the Publishing Options.In other words, there is no configuration setting to enable the Click Once application to run at startup.There are two sited ways to implement run at startup functionality.As you may have gathered from my last post, I’ve been playing around with Click Once a bit lately.

The latest head-scratcher is how to get a Click Once deployed application to run at startup.

Arguably, this isn’t a serious issue since the shortcut location could be “pre-calculated” and stored elsewhere in the application.

For example, in Application Settings or within Assembly Info which seems to be the de facto standard.

Coincidently, the Start Menu Programs shortcut and desktop shortcut are all removed when the Click Once application is uninstalled.

Programmatically create a URL shortcut file which maps to the Click Once application’s update location and place it in the Startup folder.

A target is implemented as a sequential list of tasks.