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Updating a lamp base with paint

I did this because I wanted to actually be able to put things like flowers and candles inside the containers and the end result was good for me, so I'm just putting it out there.

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Like I said in the beginning of the post, the possibilities for this antique mercury glass finish are endless so long as you start out with a clean piece of glass — I'm still dreaming up visions of lamps, groupings of mirrors and other accessories inspired by the images below: Tim has been more on the fence with the whole antiqued mirror glass lamp idea, so this could be a great way to test it out on something bigger without breaking the bank.Set nozzle of spray bottle to it's finest mist setting.Put on any protective gloves or masks you wish to use and let's get started!Other ideas we thought of that might work well with this spray include: All in all, we both love how well this faux finish turned out and couldn't be more excited to share it with each of you since it was so simple!Keep us posted should you try it out — we'd love to see what you come up with.Follow up the water/vinegar spray almost immediately with a gentle and even layer of the metallic spray.

*Note about spray: if you are like me, you read all the directions and warnings on the looking glass spray before using, so you know it requires lots of shaking before and between use and recommends using on the inside of the glass — this is where you need to trust me — I (gasp) used it on the outside of the glass.

This is where I armed myself with my water/vinegar spray bottle in one hand and my looking glass spray in the other.

First gently spray a fine mist of vinegar/water on the outside* of your glass container; you are looking for small droplets of water that bead up and do not run.

All in all I probably went with between 3-4 coats in total.

You want to go with several thin and even layers of the spray to avoid runniness and splotching — trust me, the end result is worth the patience.

Thoroughly clean and dry all glass pieces you'll be working with — you want to make sure the glass is clean in order for the spray to fully do it's thing.