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I wanted him to know that I liked hanging out with him, regardless of whether or not we were being physical.

Or, given that both of us were busy with our careers — me as a writer, him as law student — was this level of commitment ideal?Thus officially began our casual affair, which lasted six months. Only when something popped up that made us think of one another.Once a week we would see each other for dinner, a movie, show or drinks, and then after we would head back to my place to snuggle up together. Usually something in the news or a book recommendation.FREE Online Screenings are made available to all Florida Tech students on behalf of Screening for Mental Health.Students can anonymously complete screenings for depression, bipolar disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, eating disorders, and alcohol problems.While I’m sure there are a few unicorns out there, who have dated the same person casually for decades, that’s not typically how a casual relationship plays out.

Most commonly, the relationship escalates into a committed, monogamous relationship, or it fizzles out, with both parties simply over the fling, or because one person starts to care for the other person more.

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But somehow, this past year I successfully dated someone casually.

Even though neither of us got too attached, we were still able to have a meaningful relationship.

We had a few big talks accompanied by a few big reveals. I’ve heard this question from partners before, and it’s one that always makes me cringe.