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Rick hartzell dating students

About six months after coming to Korea I met my wife Hyeon-sook.We dated for about three years before getting married on January 14, 2001.

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Not being someone to let ignorance or a lack of qualifications stand in my way, I decided one night to make a website myself -- never really suspecting it would grow so big.Blessed with parents who were confirmed film fans, Kyu Hyun has developed a lifelong affinity (perhaps obsession?) with genre cinema, especially horror, science fiction and film noir. His book on nineteenth century Japan entitled The Age of Visions and Arguments was published from Harvard East Asia Center in 2008.(See a partial list of contributors below, though please be aware that some of these profiles are out of date).In the meantime, I still remain committed to this site and to Korean cinema in general -- hopefully I'll get the opportunity to revive this site a bit in the coming years.I assist in programming their selection of Korean films -- usually 8-12 contemporary titles per year -- and I've also organized a few small retrospectives.

Since 2007 I've also been working as a delegate for the San Sebastian International Film Festival in Spain, keeping them informed about new Korean films, and sometimes acting as a go-between in dealings with film companies (the picture above was taken in San Sebastian).

We've since had two boys: Jamie, born in 2004, and Danil born in 2007.

Sometimes people ask if Hyeon-sook has any background in film -- the answer is no, although for a few years after we got married she operated an online DVD shop at Yeon

I'm often asked which film or director ignited my interest in Korean film.

Actually, I first became interested in Koreans' enthusiasm for cinema, rather than with any particular director or movie. I started assembling this website in January 1999 and it first went up around the beginning of April that year.

I first came up with the idea in late 1998, about a year after I moved to Korea.