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It seems that at the suggestion of none other than Sir Nikolaus Pevsner, who first raised the idea, the Triumphal Arch was considered as a gift to the USA to commemorate their bi-centenary in 1976 of the American declaration of Independence.After much discussion within the FCO (Foreign & Commonwealth Office) it was decided, 'that neither Sir Thomas Gascoigne nor his arch have much serious historical significance', and the idea was dropped. On one level we might think it would have raised the profile of Parlington in the national conscious, but at another level it shows a cavalier disregard of our own heritage and national monuments.

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This site sets out what I discovered, please read on!It seems that from the 1860's right through until 1916, Parlington was the home of many army manoeuvres, over fifty years in fact.You wouldn't know it today if you were to stroll through the estate.The photograph above shows a huge bough from an adjacent tree which has collapsed and fallen right across the folly!Naturally I had to investigate as any further disintegration of the site would be a sad loss.The Clippings Section has been re-organised and new articles added from various newspapers.

Particularly interesting are the various military events, as they are referred to in some articles!

(3) The third picture shows wounded troops at Parlington, brought, from Lotherton Hall, for an event arranged in all probability by the Gascoignes.

They are gathered on the lawn in front of the central part of the hall, the semi-circular bay, is just out of shot on the left.

If you feel you would like to oppose the development you can apply to Leeds City Council, one easy way to do this is to visit and complete the form, then submit the email you receive to the council. After all this time I have discovered it is easier to get new articles and comments out to the world via Facebook, do have a look and comment if you like!

A historian and academic, Alex Lock who wrote his Ph D dissertation about Sir Thomas Gascoigne at Leeds University, has recently uncovered an interesting record in the National Archives about the Triumphal Arch at Parlington.

Barnbow Hall was abandoned and eventually demolished, sounds familiar! mostly taken around the Cock Beck near where the coal pits used to be to the east of the munitions site.