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Php script for validating email address

Furthermore, it's asynchronous nature offers both parties the freedom of participating at a time most convenient to their time schedule.Given such qualities, it isn't a surprise that email has become a defacto tool of business for communicating with its clientele.

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A valid email address is also vital in the case that the user is signing up for an email-based service, such as a newsletter or alerts such as stock or weather notifications.The only way to do so is to ensure that the supplied address conforms to the Internet message format rules as set forth by RFC 2822.Because reading an RFC is about as entertaining as a root canal, I'll offer a very broad summary of the rules here: Because of the innumerable syntactical variations which could arise as a result of these rules, we'll need to devise a regular expression capable of accounting for all possibilities.Indeed, the impact that it has made on all of our lives in such a short period of time is immeasurable.After all, email offers a highly effective mode of communication, both in terms of Qo S (quality of service) and cost.This nice function will not know if an email exist really or not, it just verifies the syntax and the domain name, for example will not know that [email protected] not valide, but knows that [email protected] an invalid email address .

How many times have you heard of email being termed "the ultimate killer application"?

Note that this is not intended to be an introduction to regular expressions, although I think that those at least familiar with the concept should be able to follow along.

If you're a complete beginner to the matter, a quick search should turn up numerous excellent resources.

Something like this they use: But when you want to develop a php website in the best way, taking care of all little details, you should think what happens when your user does make a mistake in the email address, writing something like this: [email protected], or his_or even he writes ssdfsff (like many people do), I'm sure you would like to inform him and ask him to correct his email address, you maybe also want to check if the domain name of his email address is valid, you can't accept an email like this: [email protected]

So here is the php script I think you should use everytime you have a form with 'email address' input : Now you can use this function with the email address you want to verify as parameter, and it will return you true if it valide and false if it is not.

In this article, I'll show you how to use the PHP scripting language to aid in the validation of email addresses on not only the level of syntactical correctness, but also of actual existence on the destination domain!