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Online dating beijing

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If your city has a Chinese Consulate, it’s really easy — you can get a visa in one day!If you don’t have a consulate near you, there are services online to help with the process, but they generally charge extra fees.

If you want the authentic Beijing experience, visit Ring Road Three and check out local shops and restaurants.Taxi cabs are everywhere in Beijing — and they’re surprisingly inexpensive.However, the drivers don’t speak English and typically only accept cash for fares, unless you have the We Chat Wallet app.Didi Chuxing (or simply “Didi” if you’re local) works just like Uber.But thankfully, Didi also offers an English-language interface.Mandarin is the official language in China, and it’s the dialect regularly spoken in Beijing.

The Hornet Mandarin Phrasebook is a handy guide to some commonly used Mandarin phrases, along with pronunciation guides.

A number of social media sites like Facebook are also blocked.

So, if you use Facebook or another similar site to communicate with friends, you’ll need to get a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

From famous sites to authentic Chinese cuisine and fantastic nightlife, there’s plenty to explore and do in gay Beijing!

Before you leave, you’ll need to get a travel visa.

Beijing’s infrastructure is set up in a “Ring Road” system.