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The Church currently disavows any practice of polygamy; however, the eternal doctrine of plural marriage is still in place.A man may be sealed to multiple wives, allowing him to have what amounts to a polygamous family in the Celestial Kingdom.

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This page was originally written before the Church released its three essays concerning polygamy. Some LDS adopt other views Why didn't angel visit Emma?The Bible and the Book of Mormon teach that monogamy is God’s standard for marriage (emphasis added) The Lord sometimes authorizes plural marriage to have more children ("raise up seed"), as He did with Abraham, Isaac, Moses, etc.For this reason, the Lord revealed polygamy to Joseph Smith.This is an understandable consequence given the Church's reluctance to discuss unflattering issues like polygamy and denying blacks the priesthood in any sort of detail in Church lessons.It is also disingenuous of apologists to act as if there's no reason for members to believe these things when they were clearly taught them in church.Cannon (center with cane), William Gimbert Saunders (second from right), and William Morley Black (right of Cannon with white beard). Note: the photo is from an LDS supplementary lesson manual titled 'My Kingdom Shall Roll Forth: Readings In Church History', 1979. Why were these wanted posters made for the LDS leaders of the Church? Polygamy was always illegal whenever and wherever the Mormons practiced it.

These men were also known as "Prisoners of Conscience." Why were these people, including First Presidency counselor George Q. It was even illegal in Canada and Mexico as they only recognize marriages that are legal in the person's home country.

In 2012, during the Romney campaign, my ward had a combined Priesthood/Relief Society session where stake leaders went over how the Church was perceived by the media and how we could combat the negative perceptions.

A regional "media expert" handed out a pamphlet that described ways to address a handful of sensitive topics.

LDS scriptures condemn polygamy Started by Joseph not Brigham Joseph married other men's wives JS consummate his poly marriages? If you ask the average members, they may state many of the same things as what they believe, regardless of whether or not they are in current lesson manuals.

Joseph married 14-year-old girls Joseph lied about practicing polygamy Church denied polygamy/JS practiced it Church continued polygamy after 1890 The Reed Smoot hearings Quotes from the prophets Polygamy a doctrine of the Church? These beliefs are not just relegated to teachings of naive Sunday School teachers decades ago.

Polygamy as a doctrine was introduced into the LDS Church by Joseph Smith.