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With individual braking for each rear wheel, Bill was able to drive the car straight with the front end in the air for the length of the track. Darts, three were stock bodied and the fourth was a funny car body.Also, the original version of the car was powered by an injected aluminum Keith Black hemi. The Dart also had a 426 Hemi and the body was painted with red and white stripes, also becoming an instant success. DART was always a show stopper and tremendously popular. Over the next 12 years, Bill ran these cars all over the world, from the United States to Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, France, Germany and Monte Carlo.

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Another of Deans icons are the world recognized “Moon Eyes”, first introduced to the world in the mid 1950’s, but the lasting image was refined by artist working at the Disney Studios in 1957 and is what is seen today.The brothers continued to share their common love of racing and exchanged a lot of information.but as time went on they gradually moved apart to compete on separate teams.Still today, one of his most well-known and popular products is the MOON Wheel Disc, designed to not only add a sleek look to any car, it also added an aerodynamic effect helping to reduce air drag and adding top end speed.In 1963, what is now known as the Specialty Equipment Marketing Association (SEMA) was formed and was originally called the Speed Equipment Manufacturing Association.George asked Bill to drive and exhibit the Batmobile at dragstrips and circle tracks all over the United States, an assignment Bill found to be both fun and rewarding when he saw how much the kids enjoyed it. Always the showman, Bill never turned down a decent appearance opportunity, nor the opportunity to sign autographs for the fans and remains still today as one of the legendary ambassadors of the sport doing keynote speaking at car club meets, and maintaining an advisor relationship with the NHRA Dean Moon was bitten by the ‘car bug’ at a very early age and began planning his future while still in high school, but unlike a lot of the young enthusiasts of the era, Dean didn’t just want to go quick and fast, he wanted to design, make and sell specialty performance parts.

Growing up in the Southern California community of Whittier during the 1940’s, put Dean in the very heart of the booming hot rod movement.

Bill started his racing career in 1960 at Dragway 42 located in West Salem, Ohio.

Shortly after that he moved to California to drive cars for Mickey Thompson, the first being one of the six factory-built 421 Pontiac Tempest Le Mans Coupes.

To name a few of the cars included in the “MOON Collection” was a record setting ‘mini streamliner’ powered by a 90 CI Harley Davidson motorcycle engine, an outstanding 32 Ford coupe and a ultra-sleek sports car.

Jeep and Ronnie Hampshire, brothers separated by only eleven months in age (born in 1938), grew up sharing a love for cars and racing.

While the plan was for ‘regular’ exhibition runs, only after replacing the original 8-inch tires with a new set of 10-inch tires, the car instantly became a “wheelstander”.