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Longer stroke SCB was built to compare against 1498 cc Mk.

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Another success by the BD series in the 1970s put Cosworth on a growing track.The following is the list of initial products, with cylinder heads modified, but not originally designed by Cosworth, on Ford Kent engine cylinder blocks. XVII and MAE (Modified Anglia Engine), which had intake port sleeves for downdraft carburetors brazed into the stock cast iron cylinder head, in place of the normal side draft ports, thus could be considered Cosworth designs.In addition to the above, Cosworth designed and provided the assembly work for Lotus Elan Special Equipment optional road engines with special camshafts and high compression pistons.Its company name: 'Cosworth', was derived as a portmanteau of the surnames of its two founders (COStin and duck WORTH). XIV) were sold to Lotus exclusively, and many of the other racing engines up to Mk. XIII, a pure racing engine based on Lotus Twin Cam, through its domination of the class.Both of the co-founders were former employees of Lotus Engineering Ltd., and Cosworth initially maintained a strong relationship with Colin Chapman; and initial revenues of the company came almost exclusively from Lotus. This newly found security enabled the company to distance itself from the Lotus Mk.The cylinder head on the FVA pioneered many of Duckworth's ideas that would be used on the DFV and a mule for the 8 cylinder engine development, FVB, was built.

However, the distance between the two camshafts and the valve inclination angle were larger than on DFV for the series.

The domination of this engine was absolute as long as these regulations lasted until 1968.

As Cosworth had a serious difficulty meeting the demand, the MAE was mainly sold as a kit.

The intake ports and the oil scavenge pickup for dry sump lubrication were canted 25 degrees, so they faced straight up and down, respectively, when the engine is mounted 25 degrees from vertical to the right for a lower center of gravity.

The SCA initially had two 40DCM2 Weber twin-choke downdraft sand-cast carburetors mounted on top to produce 115 hp, which was replaced by Lucas fuel injection in 1966, eventually reaching 140 hp.

It was the results of this four valve development work that formed the basis for many of the Cosworth engines that followed.