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Lindsay lohan dating sam ronson

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Lindsay Lohan has opened up about her former relationship with Samantha Ronson -- and it isn't pretty. It was my last serious relationship," Lohan told Us Weekly. End of story." Lohan and Ronson's relationship was reportedly full of screaming matches, jealousy and plenty of drama, but she tells the magazine the two still keep in touch.The 26-year-old actress has explained why their on-again off-again romance didn't work, and calls both herself and Ronson "toxic people." "I was bold enough to say, 'Yeah, I like a girl. "I needed to love myself first before I could be with anyone. It sounds as though Lohan has decided that her romance with Ronson is a thing of the past, but when the two were spotted together in New York earlier this year, it looked like they may have been trying to give things another chance.

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Check out more surprising celebrity couples: You better believe it: In 1992, Danson was apparently so smitten with Goldberg during the filming of "Made in America" that it led to a divorce with his then wife-of-16-years, Casey, the next year.Lindsay Lohan has confirmed what the world has long surmised.She’s been dating Samantha Ronson "a very long time." Monday, Lindsay told Loveline, the syndicated radio program, that she’s officially dating the 31-year-old DJ.In fact, a handful of celebrity couples have chosen to make their headline-making public...Read Full Story Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson, together back in 2008.It was just like the old days -- they couldn't get enough of each other! Lohan says she's currently single and focused on getting her career back on track.

Though the actress is reportedly devastated by the harsh criticism of her performance in "Liz & Dick," she told Us Weekly that she's determined to keep working: "I'm happy.

"Lindsay and Sam were whispering and laughing and they left the club holding hands.

They didn't care who saw them, and they definitely seem to be back on.

She’d been talking about her friends DJ AM and Travis Barker, who are recovering from severe burns following a plane crash in South Carolina, before she put Lohan on the phone.

Lohan’s publicist, Leslie Sloane-Zelnik, told AP Monday that Lohan is not engaged to be married.

"I'd walk in Whoopi's shadow for the rest of my life--I adore the woman," Danson said about Goldberg.