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So it was about mapping out the events, their dates, times and whether I could film it, at that particular time.What was good about following this community, was that most events took place in the evening or weekend, so I could work in the day and then find my story at night or over the weekend.

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I felt so energised and insipred by the level of talent around me that I just wanted to be part of it.Do not press the button if you're easily offended, or if children are watching!Pressing it too much spoils the fun though and he will stop responding as the noise drives him mad.It was here where my friend suggested that I try and make a film, to see whether it was something that I did really care about and could complete.He lent me his camera and gave me good advice and that’s when the Run Dem idea came about.It all really came to light, when I attended The Sundance Film Festival in Salt Lake City, with a very dear friend of mine (Dir.

Kibwe Tavares), for the premiere of his second festival selected short film.

It was a group I was very close to and therefore the access I had was ideal to try and shoot something about them. Apart from the 1 minute film I made with 8 other women (called ADULTS). What were the steps required to start making this film ?

I knew I wanted to do a short film on Run Dem – I knew events I could easily cover and individuals I was interested in.

I had always been passionate about film and wanted to do film related activities in my spare time.

This was were I met the Women in Film group and with them began organising our yearly event.

You can also In December 2009, I went down to London to collect my Nat West Every Woman IRIS award, presented to me by Fiona Brucie!