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Is dale jr dating

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He started bringing his girlfriend of nearly three years, Amy Reimann, to public events after shielding her from fans and media during the first part of their relationship. Amt Yuqt Bd — Amy Earnhardt (@Amy Earnhardt) January 1, 2017 The morning after the fun-filled night of lavish celebration (and lots of New Year’s Eve dancing and glitter! Earnhardt proposed to Reimann while on vacation in Germany, the pair confirmed in 2015. I love you so much @Dale Jr,” Reimann posted on Twitter, alongside a glowing photo of the couple in what appears to be a church, at the time.“So, she kind of knew how important the trip was.”“I’m standing at the altar. I turned around and Dale’s just staring at me with this really odd look on his face. It wasn’t like this jumping up and down, screaming. I just couldn’t get it together.”The wedding will continue an amazing awakening for the sport’s most popular driver. In fact, Reimann has plans to remove his famous video room once they’re married.“I think those things have been great, you know, just family time together, having the kids (Earnhardt Miller’s children) involved,” Reimann said. Ah, but the thing about gossip is that a LOT of it is true.

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They haven’t decided on a wedding date yet, but it’s likely to fall on one of the off weeks during next year’s racing season, Reimann said.

There was no bigger clue than Earnhardt’s own demeanor in the past couple years.

In the past couple years, Earnhardt has been more open than ever.

once preferred to keep out of the public eye, NASCAR's biggest star said drivers' personal lives are largely "fair game" for the media to discuss."As long as it's not hurtful for someone to go through," Earnhardt said, the NASCAR media seems to respect the "gentlemen's agreement among everybody (of) what's fair and what's not.""Your personal life, who you're dating, when you're getting married, where you're going to get married, what you do with your time off or your hobbies, I think that's totally fair game," he added.

My heart is truly filled with love and joy,” Reimann said on social media.