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Instant message dating

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If couples could get a boost from changing how they speak to each other, "that's big news," Slatcher said, as the finding has implications for couples' therapy.Before becoming managing editor, Jeanna served as a reporter for Live Science and for about three years.

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The more frequently women use the pronoun "I" in their instant messages (IM), the more satisfied they are with their partners, a new study finds."We found that the extent to which people used positive emotion words like 'great,' 'happy,' 'love,' tended to be happier in their relationships and to stay in their relationships for a longer period of time," Slatcher said.Women who IMed with lots of "I's" were 30 percent more likely to stay in their relationships compared with other women.We still don’t quite know how to portray ourselves in the best light, how to choose the best pictures of ourselves, or generally how to succeed.One of the biggest elements of success in online dating is undoubtedly how to send the first message.For men, the figure hovers somewhere from 20% to 40%.

That is, there is such a gender imbalance that if you’re sending out messages to 10 women and 4 reply, you’re doing far better than average in online dating. This simple realization will help in the following ways.

But sadly, in my experience as a dating and online dating coach, it would be a big mistake to say that we’ve really evolved much as to how we are at online dating.

Men especially, as we are the ones that generally have to stand out.

From the practical standpoint, it means that you shouldn’t focus on the shallow hooks and openings she has in her profile…

because five other guys will have messaged her about them that day.

The couples also answered questions about relationship satisfaction.