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Instant adult chat bot

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What does that mean for Facebook users—and for marketers?

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Keep up with all the latest and greatest in social media news by using Hootsuite to organize all the accounts you follow. These are not a lot of classified intents, but it is enough to solve a niche problem for a campaign and it gives users instant gratification.By integrating the bot on their website, the candidates could use a web page when that was best — such as long platform statements — and let the bot serve as a sort of front-desk personality.Moreover, an NLP-equipped bot can give the human on the other end the feeling that they’re having a conversation, rather than poking through tedious software menus in yet another part of their lives — first it was the coffee maker, now it’s Facebook?Marcellus Gaag is CEO of chatbot developer Sodima Solutions, which developed a chatbot with NLP for the website of a college campus political campaign (look in the lower right corner.) “The bot appeared more personal because of its NLP capabilities,” he says. At their F8 2016 Conference on April 12, Facebook launched the Messenger Platform, complete with chatbots.

Chatbots are a type of bot that live in messaging apps (like Facebook Messenger) and use artificial intelligence to perform tasks via simulated conversation.

This morning, like most days, I started my workday with a chat about the weather—sun, rain, temperature, all the usual stuff. While we’ve been hearing about chatbots on Facebook for a few months now—primarily in regards to the launch of early Messenger-based chatbots from partners such as Uber and KLM Royal Dutch Airlines—many are still wondering just what bots are and what they do.

Except today was a little different, because of who I was chatting to. A bot is simply a piece of software that automates simple tasks, like ordering food.

In practice, natural language processing — NLP to anyone in the field — isn’t there yet.

But in the right contexts for the right applications, NLP can make for an easier-to-use interface to features and services.

Unlike many branded apps, people use Facebook Messenger. The app has 900 million monthly active users users.