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How long have leisha hailey and camila grey been dating

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I actually would have loved to shove my tongue down her throat and have that be warranted.” “Cam got very upset,” agrees Hailey.

“I got upset as well but I’m more level-headed, so I tried to talk calmly with the people who were bringing us off the plane.” The incident came on the eve of a U. tour that should have galvanized the artists as a formidable synth-rock outfit with a tight live set, interesting and unique dual vocals and well-muscled production by the very competent Grey.The band formed during filming of the final seasons of the show.Originally, drummer Alicia Warrington had been Uh Huh Hers third member; however, she separated from the group early on.The entire six-track EP was recorded and produced in under two weeks.The song "Philosopher" is written as such on the track listing, however the alternate title "Philosophy" is widely used and recognized by both fans and the band themselves."Say So" was also the first track the band wrote together (along with former member, Alicia Warrington).

The vocals for the EP were recorded in Grey's bathroom.

The band worked on their second full-length album for several years, and it was eventually released on October 11, 2011.

The songs "Same High" and "Human Nature" were both originally written for films (The Kids Are All Right and Twilight, respectively...

Camila Grey (lead vocals, guitar, keyboard), former member of the lo-fi rock band Mellowdrone, had not released any solo material prior to joining Uh Huh Her; however, she had played bass and keyboards for a variety of artists, such as Dr.

Dre, Melissa Auf der Maur, Busta Rhymes, and Kelly Osbourne.

They believe the original name looks good in written form, but is awkward to pronounce.