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Hardison and parker dating

Latimer (guest star Leon Rippy) to keep very close tabs on Nate and his team. "We have to work now on two fronts: Help someone in a new case but also watch our back because someone is after us.

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As Parker took a bullet from a cop who saw through their ruse, Hardison plummeted several stories, breaking his leg and busting up his insides., the season finale played perfectly as a series-ender, delivering a memorable combo of sleight-of-hand and misdirection, serving up a bit of romantic closure and calling in an old “friend,” but also planting a seed to show us how the con ostensibly would go on.executive producer Dean Devlin says Season 4 is all about consequences, and few events are likely to have more fallout than the hookup between Nate and Sophie in the Season 3 finale.but it begins to affect the work in an adverse way," Hutton says."There are eventually some moments of crossover where they have to get a hold of whatever this is and define it. the caper drama’s very final hour opened with Nate, looking a bit worse for wear, being held somewhere and questioned about a bungled job, one that left several of his friends dead.

As related by the mastermind, he and his team set out to breach the well-secured Highpoint Tower, to secure a trial drug that would help a patient of the pediatrician that once cared for Nate’s ill-fated son.

Eliot did his best to fend off other burly obstacles, but even he, on his dash for the getaway van, took a bullet straight through the back.

Nate and Sophie, in the front seat, did their best to dodge a police blockade and were last seen about to leap an opening drawbridge.

They then grabbed the needed hard drive and exited back through the tunnel, losing themselves amid the cast of Sophie’s play. All staged for the security camera, with Nate playing the “cop.”) Nate later got led to a prison transfer vehicle, his fate seemingly sealed in the wake of the confirmed robbery and the discovery of dummy corpses he had used to fake a heist-gone-bad.

But with Casey none the wiser, Sterling did his longtime frenemy a solid and wished him well, knowing that Sophie was behind the wheel. Because Nate purposely distracted him when Parker et al sneaked into the server room.) Later, the team reconvened to celebrate their grand theft and watch as Nate proposed to… And with those two lovebirds now out of the game, the final scene gave us sleek-and-steely Parker, flanked by Eliot and Hardison, explaining to a new oppressed client how they could provide…

July 29, 2012 By: Meredith Jacobs “Leverage” is currently airing its fifth season on TNT, and so far, fans have been treated to something they’ve been waiting for—and Aldis Hodge knows they’ve been waiting for it, as he told the Leverage Examiner in an interview Thursday.