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A friend referred her to Elder Services, part of the statewide Family Caregiver Support Program. PST If you’re a veteran thinking about starting your own business, join AARP for a live webinar and hear from all of our inspiring veteran entrepreneurs as they share their journeys of starting and succeeding in business.Bodenheimer, 78, of Spokane, now attends twice-monthly meetings to discuss concerns and get support from fellow caregivers. Get new business insights from: Lee Dougherty, founder and host of Objective Rally Point networking event for …

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AARP Washington selected Art for his remarkable service which has greatly benefited his community, supported AARP’s vision and mission, and inspired other volunteers.Edward Snowden has blamed the National Security Council for not preventing a cyber attack which infiltrated the computer systems of organisations in 74 countries around the world.In a tweet, the National Security Council (NSA) whistleblower said: “Despite warnings, @NSAGov built dangerous attack tools that could target Western software.But according to a new survey, con artists may be saving the worst of their pitches for a special group of Americans – those who have served our country.The new nationwide survey by AARP shows that military veterans are falling prey to scams … Neuts Last year, Lucia Bodenheimer’s husband was diagnosed with the early stages of dementia. who provide unpaid care to a family member — or a first-time caregiver looking for helpful tips and advice, the AARP Online Family Caregiving Fair will help you make … From Passion to Profit, Part 2: Veteran Entrepreneurship takes place on Thursday, November 9, 2017 / p.m.Today we see the cost.” Dozens of hospital trusts across the UK have been hit by a huge cyber attack, believed to be the biggest of its kind ever recorded, which plunged the NHS into chaos.

The malicious software, which locked up computers and held users' files for ransom, is believed to have been stolen from the NSA and leaked.

Mr Snowden said the NSA had been warned of the dangers of building these cyber weapons but now the attack will raise questions over countries’ intelligence services’ ability to prevent the tools from being stolen and turned against them.

Hackers seemingly took advantage of the fact hospitals had not updated their IT systems.

reported this was the first time a cyber weapon developed by the NSA, which was funded by American taxpayers, had been stolen and unleashed against patients, hospitals, businesses and governments.

The US never acknowledged the cyber weapons posted by “Shadow Brokers” belonged to the NSA but it was reportedly confirmed by former intelligence officials.

Art spent nearly a quarter of a century in the Air Force serving our country. — We’re all too familiar with how pervasive scams are in today’s marketplace.