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If you care about audio quality go buy some fancy external hookups.It's good enough that I can bump the Thumper soundtrack and it's still a decent listening quality.

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Register with us and content you save will appear here so you can access them to read later.Plus it would be another week to three weeks before I'd have a working TV...which would be too late to return it to Amazon and would now be an item with used, replacement parts in it... I've seen some good reviews for these and some bad ones. But its the TCL technical support that really failed here.It was sort of like something tried to warm up and when it did, it just died. I initially tried to replace it with Amazon but they were out of stock so I started a return process (since you only have 30 days on devices like this). They wanted to send out a tech in another 7-10 days to repair it.With the return started just in case, I reached out to TCL. If the tech couldn't repair it, then they wanted to send a tech with a replacement after that (another 1-2 weeks).To follow our journeys and full-time RV lifestyle more closely be sure to subscribe to the Love Your RV!

On the go and no time to finish that story right now?

The remote is minimal, comfortable, and easy to use.

Has a phone app in case you're one of the many people who habitually misplace the remote. The speakers kinda suck at low volumes, but it's whatever.

Overall a fantastically huge, featureful, and good-looking TV for the cost. After two weeks, it would turn on and appear okay, but after a few minutes you'd hear a hum/buzz that would get louder over a few minutes, then the video would go blank.

Regarding complaints I've seen in other reviews: My product did not show up broken, it has not stopped working despite extensive use since I got it, I have no complaints about the refresh rate, it displays 4k content over HDMI with no issues, they say it's a glossy screen but it's really just unusually and disconcertingly smooth and otherwise significantly less glareful and reflective than my previous television, it has effectively no inconsistencies with backlighting or colour (just a small spot that's slightly brighter, which is only visible at extreme viewing angles or if the screen is effectively displaying nothing but black, and I don't mean like really dark or a scene at night I mean like literally it is displaying the colour black over 50% of the screen, and only then is it noticeable from a front angle, and just barely at that). Audio still worked, but no video and no pressing of any mouse buttons would bring it back.

So if you're one of those folks that buys artisan gold plated audio cables aged seven years in oaken casks, if you buy two of the Ti version of the latest n Vidia graphics card because you absolutely need to run everything on "Ultra" at 120FPS in 4k, if you're the kind of person who thinks Grey Goose tastes better, you probably won't like this TV. Thankfully there's Amazon's customer service 'cause TCL's is dismal. Unplugging and immediately replugging wouldn't help either. Despite sending the serial number and proof of purchase, they wanted a picture of the serial number and a video of the problem (hard to upload a 3 minute video from a phone when their website limits uploads to 10Mb).