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Several sharpened pieces of flint dating back to the Paleolithic period have been found within the Graves de Vayres appellation.

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On 3 January 1962, the Winemakers' Union of Graves de Vayres was formed.After the fall of Rome, the Francs invaded the area and established themselves in As.The Merovingian cemetery indicates that As was an important village from 500 - 700.Quality remains a priority for wines made in the 600-odd hectares of this appellation area in the heart of Bordeaux.Pre-approval is arranged with winemakers, and a committee from the wine region tracks the cultivation of the vines.It is mentioned in the price lists of Horeau Beylot et Cie (1890), Jacquet et Fils (1895) and Legendre et Cie (1898), as well as in price lists of Libournais traders.

The name is also used in the inventory and trade records of numerous Bordeaux wine houses, and began appearing on printed labels in 1904.

Around forty producers tend the gravelly soil found on the left bank of the Dordogne River, on a geomorphic system of alluvial terraces.

This terrace system is evidence that the Dordogne River sunk within the valley during the last Ice Age.

The location of the settlements close to a water course in this dry region gave rise to the villages' names: "As" is a prehistoric name for water ("Aska") which first referred to the Bosbeek brook and later the village itself.

Archaeological finds indicate an early prehistoric settlement, including objects made of flint dating from the earliest Stone Age.

Graves de Vayres is an Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée (AOC) for red and white wines in the Bordeaux wine region of France.