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As Sonia's murky past resurfaces, her reality starts to crumble.

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Fans of Alfred Hitchcock and followers of the more recent "Girl with a Dragon Tattoo" series, would likely be pleased with this nail-biting psychological thriller from Italy, which delivers many unexpected twists during its 96 minutes of running time.If suspense isn't your cup of tea but you enjoy art films with non-linear and unpredictable plots, you'll probably end up drinking the whole pot of this satisfying brainteaser from newcomer director Giuseppe Capotondi."The Double Hour" is actually a love story between a lonely immigrant, Sonia (a chambermaid at a high-end hotel in Turin) and the also lonesome Guido, an ex-cop working as a security guard at an art dealer's estate.The two meet at a speed-dating event and just as they are beginning to fall in love, a crime happens, and their relationship is cut short.And for the safest and most cautious play, emphasize the “passline” bet.In craps, before any new shooter rolls a pair of dice, bettors place their chips across the table.“But there’s an interesting thing about a game of chance: No amount of learning is going to help you get more lucky,” says Wasserstein.

In short, unless you want to lose a few bucks, you can forget about all of those games that are purely up to fate—craps, roulette, slots, et cetera. The enjoyment of games of chance might be such that, if you have the money to lose, that’s fun. That would be horrifying.” If you’re a more experienced gambler who truly wants to minimize risk, you’ve got only one option: card games.

So, ahead, I lay out my tried-and-true rule book for doubling up on your dates, culled from years of experience, with an assist from Gottsman.

Following these steps has helped me avoid all of the messiness of dating in multiples — viral infamy included.

And every once in a while, I run into a situation in which two people want to meet up with me in one weekend — a weekend that already has other engagements penciled in, too. Now, I know there are a lot of contentious feelings around double-booking — especially after that viral story of the guy who booked six dates in one night.

"In the early stages of dating, especially when it comes to online dating, you're just getting to know people, so you don't necessarily owe them a lot," she says. I'd even go so far as to say that lining up a couple of meet-ups in a day is an extremely economical way to get a good sense of what you're looking for in a partner.

And that doesn’t mean blackjack, either (which is basically a game of chance).