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Chapter Eight: Wolford Hall Horror Transvixen finished their last concert at Chelmsford dance hall.The series of concerts had made Wendy and the band a considerable profit from ticket and bar.

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Wendy called a meeting with Transvixen at Wolford Hall the morning of their first concert while the techs did their thing getting their equipment set up ready for a sound check and a full dress rehearsal that afternoon. The radio station loves it; they love the controversy.Panti was red faced and about to explode so Phil interjected."Beth and Robbie, I can tell you that Panti and Cherri Pops are the best rock guitarists I have worked with and their music knocked the crowd at Wolford Hall right off their feet last night," Phil leaned into the microphone.Both girls were heavily made up with black eyeliner and mascara, colourful eyeshadow and red lipstick; their cheeks rouged. "Well Chelmsford the raunchiest, most outrageous rock chicks ever to come out of our little burg; Panti and Cherri Pops are with us again and this time we also have the lead singer of Transvixen Phil Benson," the ponytailed DJ gushed into the microphone.They accessorised with silver costume jewellery: earings, necklace, bangles and rings. "And I have to tell you Chelmsford that once again these chicks are hot, hot, hot! Beth was the overweight dowdy woman who comprised one half of the 'Morning Crew'.The radio station had promised them transport to and from the studio and they were both expecting a limo and were disappointed when the small Ford Fiesta mini-cab turned up. Robbie Roberts (yes that was his real name) was the other half of the 'Morning Crew'. "But changing the subject; don't you want to hear about how one of the greatest cover bands in the UK rocked Wolford Hall last night? "Well we heard it was a great show and that you girls indeed rocked," Robbie became a little conciliatory.

He was hoping to get Panti and Beth into another cat fight. "Well I heard you rocked your knickers off, flashing your arses and crotches at the audience to make up for your lousy guitar playing," Beth sniped.

"So...speaking of stupid twats Panti, even though you don't have one of course, are the rumours true that you like to shag punters on a park bench behind your venues?

" Beth looked Panti the eyes and smirked viciously.

Bob Little, the drummer was his usual overconfident self and turned up dressed like a rock star in a purple zoot suit with a couple of groupies on his arm, to whom Wendy gave short thrift to at the door, much to his chagrin. "Ok follow me out back and I'll show to you the dressing rooms, performers lounge and my office," Wendy grinned at their looks of awe. The rehearsal went well and the concert was a blast.

"You turn up with any more band sluts to a business meeting again Bob and you'll be drumming for the local Boy Scout spit and dribble band," Wendy clipped him around the ear. Panti did her thing showing the crowd lots of leg and arse and plenty of knicker flashes and even Cherri got wild during their lead breaks.

As Wendy predicted there was a huge crowd outside the studio consisting mainly of young men. If only you could see them dressed in their schoolgirl and French maid outfits; they have to be the shortest skirts I've ever seen. "Well let me tell you Robbie; there is no doubt to anyone who sees these floozies dressed like that...