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To build a representative data set, blue pens of 3 types, namely ballpoint (5 brands), roller ball (2 brands) and gel (3 brands) were purchased from local dealers.Ten different pens, representing the best seller of each brand, were purchased, making a total of 100 pens.

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These days, the relatively few oil cans that survived that familiar pattern have become collectibles.► Classification of blue pen ink according to types and brands.► Linear discriminant analysis with variable selection has been employed.Motor oil cans were made by the American Can Company, Columbia...ONLINE DATING US Site and UK Site This site is focused more on singles wishing to connect with other singles for serious and long-term relationships.Three test sets were employed using the blue pen ink spectra obtained from papers 1, 2 and 3, in order to evaluate the influence of the paper on the predictions.

The LDA models used to classify the pens according to their type (gel, rollerball and ballpoint) achieved a correct classification rate of 100% in the test set composed of blue pen ink spectra obtained from paper 1, using GA and SPA. For paper 2, SPA, GA and SW provided 100%, 97.3% and 93.8% of correct classification, respectively.

Delving into the unexplored gold mines of list archives and weblogs, Lovink reveals a world that is largely unknown to both the general public and the Internet visionaries.

In the early days of the gas station, attendants would do more than just fill up your tank—they would often clean your windshield and check your oil, too.

► Correct classification rates of 100% were obtained for the test set.

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In his discussion of the dotcom boom-and-bust cycle, Geert Lovink lays out the challenges faced by critical Internet culture today.