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Dating soldier tips

While they have the advantage of being quite inexpensive on a per-figure basis, playing with HO soldiers can be frustrating for the uninitiated as the tiny models have a hard time standing up on uneven surfaces, such as the living room rug, and tend to fall over with the slightest nudge, breeze or shake of the table-top.Some plastic lines are produced in 70mm scale (about 3 inches tall).

Similar search sub-categories are featured for every era.These soldiers are big enough to have a good deal of detail, yet small enough to allow you to play with lots of them on a table top.We specialize in these scales, which are considered by most collectors and manufacturers to be interchangeable.These can be posed and altered by the purchaser for completely personalized army building, as they arrive in bits and pieces which must be assembled before they can be used.There are a great many materials that have been used to make toy soldiers over the years , but we specialize in plastic and metal.The quality of plastic varies depending on the manufacturer and the vintage of the figure.

Hard plastic, which allows the collector to glue together his models in a variety of poses, is more brittle than soft plastic.

The most popular scales for toy soldier collectors are about 2 1/4 to 2 1/2 inches tall.

These scales are known as 54mm and 60mm (roughly 1/32nd the size of an average human being).

For those who know nothing about these "little men," we hope to make your visit here pleasant and informative.

If you've never purchased toy soldiers before, you may have no idea what you're even supposed to be looking for.

As you start to look around our website to find soldiers, you'll see figures available from practically every historical era in human history.