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Dating man ten years older

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For thousands of years, the tree appeared in a stunted shrub formation (also known as a krummholz formation) due to the harsh extremes of the environment in which it lives.

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What they seem to forget is along the way of the women’s revolution in the past twenty years young women have evolved very different beasts at 21-27 plus years compared to twenty years ago.Doesn’t make much sense having children in your mid to late 50’s.But then that depends on the man and the woman involved. The man who discovered the tree, Leif Kullman (Professor of Physical Geography at Umeå University), attributed this growth spurt to global warming and gave the tree its nickname "Old Tjikko" after his late dog.The tree has survived for so long due to vegetative cloning.“Younger women often seek the companionship of older men for many reasons.

It’s not just about the common denominator of what people think.

Older women especially mothers of young adult women definitely have trouble getting their heads around younger women and older men relationships.

But what about an age difference of say ten years only.

Younger women and older men generally get along very well.

It would be true to say most middle aged couples are really not very comfortable with the younger women and older men scenario and from our experiences middle aged women do not deal with this at all well.

This certainly makes sense if you are in your 30’s as hitching up with someone your own age on a permanent basis means when you have kids your wife/partner will most likely be menopausal and the kids will be going through adolescence.