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Perumka was transformed into PT Kereta Api (Persero) on 24 July 1995.

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However, electric multiple units have been imported from Japan and elsewhere since 1976.Indonesian Railways is a major customer of the local railway equipment industry, PT Industri Kereta Api, by using passenger coaches, freight wagons and electric multiple units made by the Madiun-based company.Indonesian Railways' diesel-electric locomotives are mostly made in United States or Canada, while the diesel-hydraulics are mostly German. Local industry is capable of building multiple units, both diesel and electric.In 1939, the total operational trackage was 4,588 kilometres (2,851 mi) (It is unclear whether dual gauge tracks were counted once or twice).The present extent of the railways is now 5,042 kilometres (3,133 mi), with the Aceh system, most of the West Sumatra system and most former steam tram lines disused, but including new tracks built alongside old tracks (double tracking projects).Much of the branch lines constructed in the colonial era has been lifted up or abandoned in the 1980s.

No major railway construction has since taken place, however, many of the busiest lines have been double tracked.

The train is predicted to run in 2018 with trackage wider than in Java to accommodate more weight and speed.

The schedule for Pare-pare to Manado trackage will be completed in 5 years after it.

All locomotives of the Indonesian Railways (with the exception of Steam locomotives for railway tours in Ambarawa) are diesel-engined.

Most new locomotives use diesel-electric transmission, while older and lighter ones have hydraulic transmission.

A two-digit number shows the year of operations, and two- or three-digit after the year shows the running number.