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This year’s Fellows include outstanding senior and mid-career journalists in all media, representing nine nations and six continents.

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Jason Parkinson, a freelance video journalist, arrived on the scene the next morning.Top, L to R: Jake Price, Maggie Fick, Karen Percy, Joseph Zárate, Michele Mitchell; Middle, L to R: Laila Al-Arian, Abubakar Adam Ibrahim, Hannah Dreier, Quique Kierszenbaum; Bottom, L to R: Tham Seen Hau, Nick Turse, Rossalyn Warren, Peter Nickeas, Stephanie Nolen.The Dart Center has announced the recipients of the 2018 Ochberg Fellowship, a program that deepens journalists' reporting of violence, conflict and tragedy.Women journalists in particular contend with unwanted presumptions, sexual harassment and the threat of violence.The Dart Center asked nine leading women in journalism to talk about the impact of these challenges on their work, and to reflect on their own best practices. The Dart Center surveyed 247 journalists around the world about the safety trainings they attended, the skills they acquired and the gaps between these trainings and their professional needs on the ground. Naked & Famous's kimono waves pattern has a raised texture to it originally used in kimonos.

Composition: 100% cotton; Japanese fabric; Assembled and sewn in the oldest existing shirt factory in North America.

It may seem like an easy, quick process, and it may even seem alarming, but this is an important and relatively safe part of working with wildlife.

From time to time, conservationists must incapacitate an animal to carry out operations that would be harder or even impossible to do while they’re awake.

Covering terrorism presents myriad challenges for journalists.

How can stories of victims and survivors contribute to the public's understanding of current issues while treating those left reeling with dignity and respect?

​On Sunday, a gunman opened fire during a church service in Sutherland Springs, Texas, killing 26. P.) is a device for building a systematic approach to a task.