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Product Being Used: Restaurant Elite POS System This system has proved itself time and time again.It is extremely user friendly and all of our staff are able to learn how to use it very quickly.

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Product Being Used: Retail Classic POS System Facebook Page I don't like that it logs you out so often and that if you switch between POS & inventory, you have to re-log into the POS every time. Harbortouch's Response: Merchant has been contacted and the issue is resolved.In addition, your company has very good follow-up to insure that we are satisfied.Product Being Used: Restaurant Elite POS System Overall, we like the POS system but most of all, we are very happy with the Tech/Customer Support, especially from Curtis Stevens.Product Being Used: Restaurant Elite POS System I am very happy with our POS system.The software is good, it is tailored for the hospitality industry.The POS system has made it easier to track sales in detail.

Since we moved to a more strategic place and a very user friendly POS system, our sales have been wonderful.

Waci is located in the newly opened Southern Ute Cultural Center & Museum.

Harbortouch's Response: We have reached out to the merchant to demonstrate how to use the software to easily display sales tax information.

We found their POS system program to be the perfect fit for us, and were encouraged by their excellent processing rates.

Ever since they installed our system, we have continually been impressed with their unparalleled customer service, especially the personal service from Curtis Stevens.

Since we are new to the system, it took some time getting used to it (that is why I gave 4 stars instead of 5 for Ease of Use). However, I'm unsure if the credit card fees are the best when compared to other companies.