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This way you can enter cheat codes when you have to enter them quickly.Code Result -------------------------------------------------------------- MIAMITRAFFIC - Aggressive Drivers NUTTERTOOLS - All heavy weapons THUGSTOOLS - All light weapons PROFESSIONALTOOLS - All medium weapons IWANTITPAINTEDBLACK - All cars are black AHAIRDRESSERSCAR - All cars are pink GREENLIGHT - All traffic lights are green BIGBANG - Blow up nearby cars SEAWAYS - Cars can drive/hover over water COMEFLYWITHME - Cars can fly STILLLIKEDRESSINGUP - Change Skin/Clothes ICANTTAKEITANYMORE - Commit Suicide LEAVEMEALONE - Decrease Wanted Level ABITDRIEG - Dense Clouds AIRSHIP - Fast boats can fly for short periods of time CANTSEEATHING - Foggy Weather PRECIOUSPROTECTION - Full Armor ASPIRINE - Full Health CHICKSWITHGUNS - Girls Carry Guns PROGRAMMER - Gives Tommy girly arms/legs FANNYMAGNET - Ladies Man, Women Follow You APLEASANTDAY - Light Clouds ONSPEED - Makes everything faster BOOOOOORING - Makes everything slower DEEPFRIEDMARSBARS - Makes Tommy fatter CERTAINDEATH - Makes you smoke a cigarette WHEELSAREALLINEED - Only the wheels of a car are visible OURGODGIVENRIGHTTOBEARARMS - Peds Carry Guns NOBODYLIKESME - Peds Hate You FIGHTFIGHTFIGHT - Peds Riot GRIPISEVERYTHING - Perfect Handling ILOOKLIKEHILARY - Play as Hilary King MYSONISALAWYER - Play as Ken Rosenberg LOOKLIKELANCE - Play as Lance Vance WELOVEOURDICK - Play as Love Fist character (Dick) ROCKANDROLLMAN - Play as Love Fist character (Jezz Torent) FOXYLITTLETHING - Play as Mercedes ONEARMEDBANDIT - Play as Phil Cassidy CHEATSHAVEBEENCRACKED - Play as Ricardo Diaz IDONTHAVETHEMONEYSONNY - Play as Sonny Forelli YOUWONTTAKEMEALIVE - Raise Wanted Level CHASESTAT - Shows Media Level (when 2 stars) TRAVELINSTYLE - Spawn a Bloodring Banger GETTHEREQUICKLY - Spawn a Bloodring Banger #2 BETTERTHANWALKING - Spawn a Caddie GETTHEREVERYFASTINDEED - Spawn a Hotring Racer GETTHEREAMAZINGLYFAST - Spawn a Hotring Racer #2 PANZER - Spawn a Rhino THELASTRIDE - Spawn a Romero's Hearse GETTHEREFAST - Spawn a Sabre Turbo RUBBISHCAR - Spawn a Trashmaster ROCKANDROLLCAR - Spawn Love Fist's Limo LIFEISPASSINGMEBY - Speed up game clock LOADSOFLITTLETHINGS - Sportscars have big wheels CATSANDDOGS - Stormy Weather ALOVELYDAY - Sunny/Clear Weather ipo20 - givs 1000armor.

Chat with hot girls withot log in-34

(Note: codes are not case sensitive) Cheat codes can also be entered while the game is paused.Free Pay N Spray: ----------------- To do this, just put in the Health cheat before going inside the Pay N Spray and it will spray it for free.Coppers Can't Get Me Now: ------------------------- If you are in a Coach, the cops cannot arrest you.The only problem is if you hit them too fast, you will wrap your car around them and they'll get stuck in the engine. I don't think that this willful destruction of private property even generates a wanted level so you're basically just able to get decent cash with minimal effort.No More Wanted Level: --------------------- To automatically have no more wanted level, just save your game. Get To Little Havana Early Trick Involving Any Car: --------------------------------------------------- To do this, just put in the Cars Float On Water cheat and drive there. More Armor: ----------- If you enter a Enforcer, you will get Body Armor.After pressing the caps Lock the mission starts by showing yellow dots the outlaws to be eliminated at this point get down from the tank and get to a distance from the tank and type big bang the level will be completed.

Again u can type panzer to get a tank and you can do as many level as possibel. Then when you have your wanted level, run to The Gash and change costumes.

superonspeed - tommy becomes fast and drives car and bike fast noisy bike - gives 2 sanchez & pcj 600 LUNDTOOLS - All "super power weapons" weapons Cheats: ------- Submitted by: by: Praveer dhaliwal During the game type the following cheats bigbang - blow all cars panzer - get a tank getthereamazinglyfast - get a racing car Enjoy with the following cheats .

Cheat Codes: ------------ Submitted by: Mubashar Habib Start the game and type any one of those cheats (without "") when playing the game. R Update by: kareem nabil Update by: Nirav Update by: mohammad assaad Update by: Davy Stolk E-mail: [email protected] by: BXR na wp Start the game and type any one of those cheats when playing the game. How not to let your vehicles explode: ------------------------------------- Submitted by: Muhammad Aizzat b.

When you get to the roof run towards the helicopter pad and pick off everyone slowly while hiding behind the wall near the helicopter pad.

When you kill lance run back down the stairs and get the large wide stairs in the huge hall.

On a North and South running street in Downtown on the second island (south of the Hyman Condo), there is a street covered in parking meters (it may be a curved street, I am not sure).