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Carbon dating super furry animals lyrics

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sessions) would "probably never be released" but give "a glimpse into the magic of the Super Furry Animals in the studio, and the kind of atmosphere that Dave created".

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The track was written, and features lead vocals by, guitarist Huw Bunford and is one of only two songs on the album not written or sung by Rhys.that the similar themes in the songs were only noticed after they had been written and were used as a way of "structuring and compiling the album" and that the Venus concept was thought up after the album's completion in order to give sleeve designer Keiichi Tanaami "a reference point to make an illustration from." In an interview with Tiny Mix Tapes in January 2008, the band's vocalist, Gruff Rhys, stated that Hey Venus!was deliberately conceived as a 'pop' record following a request from the band's new record label Rough Trade: ...We said all the songs were postcards from the life of this character Venus, who we fished out from a song called "Into the Night".So we applied the whole record to her, and it meant Mr.Some songs link up to that story more than others, but some were left off the record, they'll be on the next one, which we're working on already.

It started off as a concept, but then we chose songs for their merit rather than their themes.

According to Rhys "nobody brought samplers into the studio, so there's far less electronics than on a lot of our records ...

a lot of electronic music is quite a solitary pursuit. " were originally cut from the album, for being "too generic" and too "obvious ...

Towards the end of the tour the setlist had become "full of fast songs from [the Super Furry Animals] back catalogue" and this had an effect as the band entered into the studio for the Hey Venus!

sessions: "It's definitely the first time our audience has influenced our music in that sense".

We kind of chose songs that we could play as a band that would be quite simple to record that we thought was some kind of pop music.