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Cam chats anything goes

If not, there could be "side-effects." Desmond then pulls out of his pocket the picture of him and Penny, which appears to relax him.

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Frank explains that they are survivors from Flight 815.Desmond panics and starts pounding on the door and screams to be let out.He hears a voice behind him saying "You have it, too." Turning, he sees a man lying on a bed, strapped to it.Against Charlotte's wishes, Daniel admits that the perception of time on the Island might be different than the time experienced off the Island.He says that as long Frank uses the bearings that were given to him, the people on the helicopter should be fine.The Sergeant-Major ridicules him again and makes the entire platoon run as a punishment for Desmond's erratic behavior.

Afterward, Desmond speaks to one of his friends in the platoon, and tells him about the "dreams" he has been experiencing.

Desmond and Sayid travel on the helicopter to the freighter piloted by Frank.

Desmond is looking at the picture of him and Penny.

The Sergeant-Major starts to shout at him because he did not respond promptly to the wake-up call.

He demands an explanation and Desmond explains he was having a very vivid dream about being "in a helicopter, Sir,..there was a storm, Sir, and...

♪ Keamy, in charge, says that he shouldn't have brought them on board.