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Bill rancic dating giuliana

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At heart, Bill is just a good midwestern man, and has never been comfortable living outside of Chicago.” So far, Rancic has tried to split her time between the City of Angels and the Windy City, but recently the balance of time has been in L. In fact, Radar has learned, the couple have not been photographed in public together for 102 days. Giuliana Rancic Has ‘Underlying Anger’ Over Zendaya Drama, Says Body Language Expert “Using work as the excuse to remain in Los Angeles is no longer working for Giuliana,” the source claimed.

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I think I would have preferred a grouping for this wall above the sofa. I saw one that looked so much like this in Marshalls a few months ago and the price was a steal.This piece seems to mimic the shape/length of the sofa too much, it just doesn’t feel right to me. I was so tempted to buy it, but I resisted since I really had no place for it.I can envision a beautiful arrangement of paintings or prints above the sofa or maybe a mix of family photos. I’m crazy about the damask pattern they chose for the wall!star is clashing with her husband Bill since he wants her to move to his hometown of Chicago full-time.“Bill has grown more and more upset with Giuliana because of her refusal to move to Chicago,” an insider told Radar.Menawhile, as the couple tries to redouble their efforts to have a sibling for Duke, via surrogate, the source said, “Bill doesn’t want Giuliana to spend any more time in Los Angeles than necessary.

Their last home was decorated in a fairly traditional style so I couldn’t wait to see what Giuliana had in mind for her new home.

If they wanted to keep this area open to the downstairs, I wonder why they didn’t glass in that section of the floor so you could walk across it.

I’ve seen that done before in some of the “extreme” homes showcased on HGTV.

I wonder where the refrigerator is…must be out-of-view in this picture.

Oh, I see the breakfast room there in the distance; let’s go check it out!

A built in banquette was added to the breakfast area.