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Best intimidating phrases

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Since everyone learns differently, we found that the more variety a program has, the better it can reach people.

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Mobile devices like phones and tablets can also be a great way to learn French on the go.Apps like Duolingo allow you to learn French on a busy schedule during lunch, on the way to work, during travel or in your off time.These programs are easy to share with others, are often free and have competitive leaderboards like other popular mobile games.We evaluated software based on four categories: lesson content, teaching tools, learning styles, and setup and support.In each category, we considered what sets the best learn French software apart from the rest.For example, programs like Rosetta Stone use flashcard-based activities with audio cues.

On the other hand, software like Pimsleur is audio-heavy, leaning toward the classic listen, repeat and retain formula for learning languages.

Lessons in the best software contain activities that teach different components of French such as vocabulary, language structure, spelling and phrases common in conversations.

Many programs have additional teaching tools like personalized learning paths that allow you to focus on material of your choosing that you need to know before traveling to a French-speaking country.

A majority of the programs we researched focus on learning lessons while sitting at a computer.

If you are often on the go, look for programs that have audio lessons and mobile apps you can download to study anywhere.

You can even schedule one-on-one tutoring sessions once you’re ready to practice with a native French speaker.