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Bes last contact time not updating

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[10327] Added quarantine exclusion lists to allow password-protected files from or to configured senders and recipients.

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As long as a user has read access to an event, the attached files can be downloaded by the user.Note that as of Security Plus 5.1.0, the Clam AV Plugin may quarantine password-protected files before the main AV engine can scan them. A geographically based blocking system has been developed which allows you to block incoming SMTP, POP, IMAP, World Client, Active Sync, Auto Discovery, XML API, Remote Administration, Cal DAV/Card DAV, XMPP, and Minger connections being attempted from unauthorized regions of the world.A new screen has been added at Ctrl S|Screening|Location Screening to configure this.[19710] The Dynamic Screening option to freeze accounts after a number of authentication failures is now off by default.It will be turned off when updating to version 17.5.1.The MDPGP log will show the results and details of all keys imported or deleted and the SMTP session log will also track this activity.

When it works right your SMTP session logs will show details of key transactions and the MDPGP log file will fill with details.

If you want to turn it back on, go to Security | Dynamic Screening | Auth Failure Tracking.

[18481] Black Berry Enterprise Server (BES) for MDaemon is not compatible with MDaemon 17.5 or newer.

Authentication failures are tracked across all of these services and IPs can be blocked for all of them.

Settings are in the UI at Security | Dynamic Screening. World Client's separate Dynamic Screening system has been removed.

Only users with edit access can upload or remove attachments from a given event/meeting.