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Bam margera and porcelain dating

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This shouldn't happen, but chances are increased if you grind your teeth at night - which I do.When I tried to eat hot or cold food it felt like the nerve was being gripped by tweezers.

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Dr Gates (not his real name for legal reasons) had been written about in glowing terms in fashion magazines. Instead, I returned three weeks later for a gruelling one-and-a-half hour session where he drilled back ten teeth ready for the veneers. Having the enamel of healthy teeth blasted away is every bit as invasive as the surgeon's scalpel slicing into your skin.According to market research by Mintel, the amount of money spent on cosmetic dentistry in the UK last year rocketed to £627million, from £519million in 2006 and £210million in 2005. (File picture) At the same time, magazine articles and makeover shows such as Channel 4's 10 Years Younger help promote the idea that cosmetic dentistry is as routine and painless as having your eyebrows shaped. Eight weeks ago, I had ten porcelain veneers applied to my upper teeth by a top London dentist.As an experienced fashion and beauty writer, I went into it with both eyes open.Visiting his smart London consulting rooms, I was reassured by the prestigious address. Sitting in his chair, my mouth numbed by the anaesthetic and my lips blown up like lilos (or so it felt), I kept telling myself how thrilled I would be with my new smile.Cosmetic dental surgery should be taken lightly Dr Gates was young, charismatic and enthusiastic. After 90 minutes of drilling and drooling, the 'temporaries' were fitted.I also learnt that because I grind my teeth, something Dr Gates should have discovered, I was not an ideal candidate for veneers.

I was told I would have to get my bite corrected before my dentist could assess whether I needed root canal treatment.

'But on my second appointment there was a girl in the waiting room with veneers so big she looked like a racehorse.

It should have rung alarm bells, but by that time I'd already paid half the cost of the £15,500 treatment.' Judith had six porcelain crowns fitted to her bottom teeth in one session.

'And in the worse case scenario, if the dentist removes too much tooth surface, this can cause the nerve to become inflamed or infected, the tooth can die off and the client will need root canal treatment to keep it.

'Our clients are usually angry about the fact that they are in pain, they've paid a lot of money and they are going to have to pay more to put it right,' he says.

One such client is Judith Ferguson, 47, a research scientist from North London.