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Avid dating life

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Kaitlin was (and still is) in college stateside, and Sarah began moving between both China and the U. whilst figuring out the meaning of post-college life. Pretty much a boss when it comes to languages, being fluent in both English and three separate Chinese dialects.Between all the plane rides and intermittent Skype conversations, it became difficult to stay up-to-date on all of our day-to-day comings and goings, let alone argue over the proper flour-to-water ratio for dumpling dough. Check out our bios here: Grew up in upstate New York delivering newspapers, shooting marbles, and accidentally crashing questionably maintained snowmobiles into neighboring garages (okay, just the once). And boy, can she fold a spring roll (the rest of ours tend to just fall apart. Plus, she’s the only one in the family who’s actually good at reading Chinese, so she’s our professional menu-translator when we’re tooling around Beijing.

But profound religious burnout is something deeper: a sign of disconnection from the heart of the Gospel.From my experience, and others’, I have identified three forms of religiosity that lead to burnout: religion as a form of self-rejection; religion as a quest for one’s own perfection; and religion as devotion to an ideology rather than to God Himself.The blessing of burnout lies in this simple fact: It is actually an act of mercy for God to destroy these forms of religion.It is the assumption (which I have discussed before) that God’s grace is limited to explicitly religious things and activities, rather than being present always and everywhere.Combined, these two premises produce an unhealthy self-scrutiny.The remark was all the more memorable because at the time I had only recently passed that five-year mark, and felt myself at a turning point.

My friend, a fellow convert, had run into frustration and disillusionment after a half-decade or so; and my own experience was beginning to look similar.

Examining his personal tastes, interests, and hobbies, the self-rejecting believer starts to belittle and cast off anything in which he cannot see an explicit “religious” value.

All such things must go, even if they have great personal meaning. Years ago, I embraced Christianity as a rather offbeat 21-year-old, with broad and unusual artistic and intellectual interests.

But I have certainly had to fight against religious exhaustion and frustration.

Through these struggles, however, God has given me a glimpse of the hidden grace – the disguised blessing – that lies within the experience of burnout.

We’ll share what we do best…authentic, simple recipes–some traditional, and some reinvented. Pick up some travel tips, a quick Chinese lesson, or an explanation of what the heck Chinese vinegar is. Now go set the table and get some slippers, ‘cause yo socks are about to be knocked OFF.” J: *wildly gesticulating toward pan* “Hey! Writer, piano enthusiast, and daydreamer, figuring things out between continents, from job opportunities in Beijing to occasionally holding down the fort in the suburbs.