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Assassins creed 2 updating launcher

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Keep going until you find a metal building you can enter. The switch can be located through a small metal opening below the fan, check out the picture below.Enter and go all the way to the bottom of that area and turn around. It is not the white open door one the left, it is the doorway on the metal part in front of the Doom guy.

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Doom The UAC Secret 3 – The last secret in the level isn’t actually all that hard to find.Doom has always been home to many secret rooms and areas and the newest one is full of them as well.Finding all of them in a level will unlock you extra weapon points so you can upgrade your guns.Doom Resource Operations Secret 2 – The second secret is when you drop down the maintenance door.Follow the path until you get to a cat walk that leads to two doors.Jump up on the crate near the key card and look up to see a green light near a ledge.

Jump up to the ledge and grab the collectible for a secret.

Doom The UAC Secret 2 – The second can be found right after the blue key card door.

Follow the path down and stick to the left side of the wall.

Check out this Doom Secret Locations Guide to find all the secrets and the UAC Marine Guy collectibles too.

Doom Guides Doom Weapons List & Locations Praetor Suit Upgrades Guide Find Every Collectible With The Automaps Doom The UAC Secret 1 – The first secret you will find is right after you get the blue key card.

You can just crawl through the hole next to the collectible or jump across. Doom Resource Operations Secret 1 – When you restore power to the door switch using the computer, turn around and jump up into the opening.