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Asp detailsview itemupdating

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Normally the details view control automatically detects whether to pass a null in the parameter.

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For example, for COMPUTING category there will be NOTEBOOKS DESKTOPS etc. If that is all you want then you can just use that. dropdownlist.selectedvalue is a shortcut to get the currently selected value in the dropdown. I m able to change the values of the various columns which have non null values. If you want to access the currently selected item you can use dropdownlist.selecteditem and that return the item and you can then access any of the item's properties, including in this case the value property. Unable to update the values for the cloumn which have null values in detailsview control i m updating a record in a details view by clicking update button. You have only one data column Company name, which you probably see in Updating event. I still do not understand what was wrong with my first solution: Details View1. When I open-up/load a record in Edit form, only the first dropdown list has a value selected that was the pre-existing va...detailsview control in insertmode won't insert values from dropdown and calendar controls in insert templates I have a details view in insert mode with a drop down list and a calendar in the insert templates.

Second column that you have is Command Field,which not a data field, so no values there. My problem is when i select a value from either and hit insert, it's trying to insert null values rather then my selected values from the control. Data presentation control in another Data presentation control Hello, I want to make a menu with datalist or gridview control.

Here is the explaination: As you understand correctly, Details View renders a table with two columns, first column is header column(literal strings), second column has controls(text boxes, dropdownlist etc.). Read this again, the company name value that user typed is in textbox which is inside a cell (in this case Row(0). When I select an item from the dhtml window, it puts the value into a textbox. Hi Sir, Here goes my question, I'v drag a Gridview control and binded data to it , I'm thinking , Can I get the value from the Cell which I used the mouse to click on it ? this page will open up a chosen record and allow user to edit the data. The second dropdown list should fill values depending on value chosen in first dropdown list.

However, this returns you empty space("") when your reference cell(1), because the company name that user typed is in Text Box and not in cell(1). If the control in Cell(1) was a dropdownlist you would have written following code to get value: Pass 1 control value to another control value I have this form, is the detailsview, and in edit mode, I have a link that you click to open up a small dhtml window (not a new window but more like a layer so everything is on the same page). Could anybody help me about How to Get the Cell value from Gridview Control while I use Mouse Click on one Cell? Now ch..loading a previously created record on to form, some controls are missing values(controls are depended on values selected in other controls) Hello - I have created a page for Editing records.

" Select Command="SELECT * FROM Sample" Update Command="Update SAMPLE SET [email protected],[email protected] Where [email protected]" Delete Command="Delete SAMPLE Where [email protected]" Insert Command="Insert SAMPLE(Code, Name,description) VALUES(@Code,@Name,@description)" runat="server"/ When the page index of the Details View control is changed, the Page Index Changed event is fired.

This property should be assigned with the Primary Key of the database table.

Text does return the value of the first colmn of the Details View: the Header Text "Company Name". Cells(1) to return the value of the second column: the value entered by the user. Since I use a different set of templates for editing and viewing, when it switches to edit mode, I bind the datasource like this: case Details View Mode. So taking this into count, i have several records with various data.