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One of the first major decisions under Volas' watch as CEO was to keep Top Build's headquarters in Daytona Beach by agreeing to a long-term lease on a 21-acre site along Williamson Boulevard, just south of Dunn Avenue, where a 65,700-square-foot building will be constructed.Construction is expected to begin by year's end with an anticipated move-in date expected some time in the fourth quarter next year, Peterson said.

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You left a few articles of clothing in his apartment, which have remained there for days, and he doesn’t seem to mind.Top Build, which is set to report its second-quarter earnings on Tuesday — its last as part of Masco — generated $1.5 billion in annual revenues last year.Chief Executive Officer Jerry Volas, who relocated to Central Florida from Michigan two months ago to prepare for his new role, previously was a group president for Masco who oversaw the operations that included what is now Top Build.You ask her if she wants to go to a concert with you that is two months away, and she says, “Sure! One thing is for certain: If you can't define this "thing" you have with the person you're seeing, you're officially in "The Gray Area."Lingering in the "The Gray Area" will eat you alive.”You’ve been hooking up for months now, so the relationship is exclusive, right? Not knowing where you stand with someone who you want to have a serious relationship with is a form of torture that many of us know, hate and for some reason, continue to endure.Gale Lemerand decided to move the headquarters of his home insulation company Gale Industries here from the Chicago area where he founded it.

Lemerand sold his company, which had grown to 100 locations in 23 states, to Masco in 1995. Top Build continues to do business in some parts of the country under the name Gale Insulation, Peterson said."I'm so happy to see them stay here," Lemerand said of Top Build.

"We have a high percentage who live within a 20-minute drive of this site."Peterson said the company intends to add 35 workers to its headquarters staff in the coming months to perform functions it did not previously need to do in-house as a segment of Masco.

Those new functions include legal, tax and treasury departments, financial reporting, investor relations and compensation and benefits, Peterson said.

One way is through Top Build's charity-of-the-month program where the company has agreed to match contributions made by its employees.

Kent Sharples, president of the CEO Business Alliance, a private group of Volusia County business leaders that works to help recruit companies to the area, said Top Build's decision to keep its headquarters in Daytona Beach "adds to the strength of our corporate community,""It's important for us to have large national and international companies based here like NASCAR, International Speedway Corp., Brown & Brown and Teledyne (Oil & Gas)," he said.

The company had chosen the Williamson Boulevard property in July 2014, but put its headquarters relocation on hold after Masco announced in early September its plans to spin off what is now Top Build.