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Adult robot chat room

In fact, more than 90% of human communication is nonverbal.

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SWIS solves this costly and time-consuming problem by having the most experienced workers remain stationary at the office and wear virtual reality headsets that allow them to not only see what the field service engineer sees, but to talk and walk them through the process of fixing the problem.More than the traditional video conference, VR rooms allow for collaboration with 3D models, CAD plans and other design tools.An automotive designer in Detroit can work with a plant supervisor in China to solve a manufacturing issue in real-time.From an office thousands of miles away, a user can guide the robot down the hallways of a building, stopping by to chat with co-workers on their way to attend a meeting.Companies such as Virtual Apt have even equipped these robots with 360-degree video cameras so that virtual tours of hotels, college campuses and even high-end real estate properties can be captured and shared in VR.Combining SWIS hardware with machine learning systems will enable these “unique” use cases to be captured for future assistance and training.

Smart systems will, over time, accelerate repair times, increase system up time and reduce maintenance costs.

Virtual robots can now be spotted traversing the aisles of major trade shows such as the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas and the International Technology Manufacturing Show in Chicago.

As high-definition VR eyewear comes down in price, the range of telepresence applications will vastly increase.

Corporations spent over $3.5 billion on video conferencing last year and digital reality software companies are creating novel ways to grab some of that lucrative market.

When done properly, VR telepresence transcends distance in a way not possible in a video call and can create an intimate, personal connection. While there are myriad ways to apply this new technology, the three forms of telepresence showing the greatest potential return on investment are: virtual experts, virtual rooms, and robotic presence.

And by merely adding facial recognition software to your VR telepresence system, you’ll never forget another co-worker or client’s name again.