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Looping a 720p video with Wi-Fi on and the volume at maximum drained the battery in nine hours. A transgender fish has been captured changing sex for BBC's Blue Planet II.

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Native to the western Pacific, the species is very large for a gender-bending fish, growing up to a metre (3.2 ft) long and weighing as much as 14.7 kg (32 lbs).The most obvious distinction between the original and new model is that the display is bigger, up from 4.5 inches to 5 inches. Side by side with a 4.5-inch Moto G there’s little, if any, discernible difference.Even so, the resolution remains the same at 720 x 1280 and, consequently, the pixel density has dropped from 326ppi to 294ppi. The panel itself is an IPS LCD affair and – like that fitted to the original Moto G – it delivers vibrant colours and supports very broad viewing angles.Like other species of transgender fish, the Wrasse is probably born with only part of its reproductive organs formed.The fish lives as a male or a female for a while, but an as-yet unknown trigger can cause a female's initial organs to whither away and new, male ones to form.Tuesday, the RNC also pulled its support for Moore.

Why it matters: It's too late for Moore to be removed from the ballot, but the statements from Republicans suggest they don't want him running and that he could add a negative image to their party. Four women have accused Roy Moore — Alabama's Republican nominee for Senate — of sexual advances when they were between 14 and 17 and he was in his 30s. Senate Majority Leader Mitch Mc Connell has said he believes the women and called on Moore to "step aside." House Speaker Paul Ryan called the allegations against Moore "credible" and also said the candidate should step aside.

Chemicals in these substances work on the fish in a similar way to the human hormone oestrogen, leading to creatures with both female and male characteristics.

The chemicals, which affect as many as one in five male river fish in Britain, can lead to a reduction in sperm production as well as triggering the production of eggs.

Republicans who initially endorsed Roy Moore in the Alabama Senate race.

John Cornyn (far left) and Mike Lee (second from left) pulled endorsements after allegations against Moore came to light. Ted Cruz, John Cornyn, Mike Lee and Steve Daines have pulled their respective endorsements of Roy Moore's candidacy, in light of the sexual assault accusations against the Alabama Republican. Rand Paul is the only senator still endorsing Moore.

The female Asian Sheepshead Wrasse (pictured) has the amazing ability to unexpectedly switch gender, which can spark a love rivalry with any male partner Just as Planet Earth II used jungle-adapted drones and ultra-lightweight cameras, Blue Planet II has made use of new filming technologies to offer an unprecedented view of the marine environment.